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World Premiere at Dusseldorf, Germany

Autonomous Vehicle Control Hub

On October 24-25 and within the framework of the Vodafone Innovation Days, Promotives invited numerous representatives from the automotive industry and the parking sector to partake in the world premiere of the Promotives AV Control Hub. The AV Control Hub serves as the digital control platform for the coordination of autonomously driving cars.

Promotives presented a live demonstration of the AV Control Hub. This was done in collaboration with Vodafone as the telecommunication operator and with a highly-automated vehicle supplied by the University of Aachen. Autonomous Valet Parking was the focus of the presentation. Numerous guests and partners from within the automotive and parking industries witnessed the AV Control Hub’s automatic control of the autonomous vehicle. The AV Control Hub ensured a smooth and safe autonomous traffic flow, which was illustrated by performing several parking processes in the Vodafone parking garage. Promotives GmbH is able to help parking operators make autonomous valet parking available in their garages which will open up this feature to the end user.

In order to facilitate the latter, Promotives and Vodafone invited the leading experts from the industries relevant for Autonomous Valet Parking to introduce the overall concept and the next steps in the development process. This exchange not only helped expand the already-established discussion culture, it also strengthened the pre-existing network.

Amongst others, representatives of the following companies accepted the invitation: Audi, Assystem, AVL, BMW, Continental, Contipark, DB Bahnpark, EDAG, embotech, Ford, Fraport, Fraunhofer IGD, IAV, n2holding, Q-Park, siili, Valeo, and Volkswagen.

Not only was the participant’s feedback extremely positive throughout, but Promotives’ approach is considered to be trendsetting and forward-thinking.

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